R365: Day 34 – Pretty Syntax

While looking through documents to find out more about a package called {biwavelet}, I noticed that the website Inside-R (ha! Inside-R = Insider! I didnt get that pun until just now!) had a feature called ‘Pretty R‘. I was intrigued, a lot of what I like to do in this blog is post pretty pictures (thats been a large justification of learning so much about plotting maps in recent posts…). Intrigued, I followed the link and found that their website turns R script into a pretty looking format for websites with HTML. I entered some jibberish code just to see what it looked like (turns out I completely forgot the format for using seq()…) and voila! It turns it into pretty looking code like


Unfortunately it automatically creates a note at the end that says:

Created by Pretty R at inside-R.org

but it is still a cool way to automatically have your R code formatted

Inside R1


The opening screen showing you where to put all your code…

Inside R2


and the output! Copy and paste the HTML into your document (most websites and blogs have somewhere to paste HTML, look for <> signs).




  1. Very cool! Looks more like SAS code. How about one of stochastic and deterministic modelling? 😉 It’s what I’m supposed to be working on this month. uughh.

    1. You got it! I’m going to do one on random numbers soon, being able to generate random numbers is key for stochastic modeling. I will think of some cool stuff to go over deterministic modeling as well. Things might be a bit misnumbered…

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