Audiobook Review: I’ll Never Get Out of this World Alive


I really enjoyed the audiobook version of “I’ll Never Get Out of this World Alive”; it was well written and had an interesting story from a period-location that I rarely read about (Early-1960’s San Antonio). The story follows the path of Doc, a dope addict ex-physician who earns money to support his habit by providing health care to the underworld of San Antonio. The main body of his practice focuses on providing illegal abortions to the prostitutes of the city. He is haunted by the memory and ghost of Hank Williams, the famous country music singer who died from an overdose. As the story progresses, Hank follows Doc as he navigates his illicit trade.

I really enjoyed the reading of the audiobook, and I was pleasantly surprised to  find out that the author himself performed the reading. His country drawl put a nice spin to the novel and made the story feel rich, and his pronunciations of the spanish words also seemed to be on point. Overall a very enjoyable audiobook that Iwould highly recommend.


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