R365: Day 22 – {nws}

I wanted to write a relatively short post, so I decided to “randomly” select another package and look through it. In the near future I will be covering fuzzy logic, neural networks, and more detailed work on mapping, but those will each be multi day posts. I am still not sure how to break them up, one of the kinks with this blog is that it is easy to do short, simple posts about random stuff, but if I want to fully explore entire topics or even big packages (eg – ggplot2) I will need a good way to break up the work.
I was kind of hoping that {nws} would be about weather forecasting or something like that, but the package is actually about … using the NetWorkSpaces server to do cross language exchange. If I was griping about handling large topics, {nws} was the wrong package to get. The vignette is 54 pages long and I have no idea what their description sentence actually means. It seems like you can use the package to develop code in both Python (an awesome object-oriented language I wish I knew more about) and R. It requires that you download the NetWorkSpaces server for the package to be operational. I do not know how to adjust my computer to set up a connection to a server. It seems like you need to use the function socketconnection() and set server=TRUE, but that did not seem to work for me. Even things that should have worked without the server, like a dataset on German credit (germandata) was not working for me and did not seem to want to load.
I went through the examples in the package and none of them seemed to want to work without the server. I think that this package helps you to make your code more efficient by running calculations in parallel. I am honestly not up to the point in any of my models to need parallel structure for my code, although it is probably a good idea to know how to design code that way from the getgo. Today was kind of a bust, I am sorry folks. I do not think I will re-visit this package, but it is cool to know it exists, and frustrating to know that I have NO idea how servers work. See you, space cowboy!


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