R365: Day 5 – Deducer

R365: Day 5- Deducer

While looking for today’s package, I blindly selected a mysterious package called ‘Deducer’. Why mysterious? The description for the package, which normally says something like “Bayesian computation of the half life of neon genesis particles when assessed with the beta Binomial distribution, 2.0”, instead just said: “Deducer”.

Really f#^*ing descriptive guys.

I noticed that there were several other packages listed in R that seemed to be based on or augment the ‘Deducer’ package, so I was not surprised when I opened up the vignette and found it to be 37 pages long (normally they’re like 15-ish). Deducer seems to be a data visualization software that was developed for a GUI so that it would be easier to both enter, alter, and view data.

And I have run into a fun error!

installation of package ‘Deducer’ had non-zero exit status”.

A quick google search reveals that other people have run into this sort of problem, especially when using an Ubuntu computer (see this StackOverflow discussion as to their solution for a similar problem with the packages xml and curl: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/20671814/non-zero-exit-status-r-3-0-1-xml-and-rcurl ; This guy seemed to have a similar problem with Deducer back in 2011 on a Linux computer, but never got a response https://stat.ethz.ch/pipermail/r-help/2011-May/279230.html).

And then it runs even deeper.

It seems that these people got it working (http://r-interface.blogspot.com/2012/04/install-r-jgr-and-deducer-in-ubuntu.html) but I apparently need to have root access for my ubuntu to recognize Java (…what did I just write?)

It looks like I won’t be able to run Deducer until I fix this. Its late on a friday, I am calling it a night. Deducer looks like it might be a nice GUI platform for R. I have previously played around with Rcommander, which is a pretty nice but inflexible GUI; at the time I also had access to JMP, a GUI for SAS, which was super useful and nice. Sorry for the anticlimactic post, I will futz with this on my windows work computer and see if I can get it to go on that machine.


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