R365: Day 2 – sperich

R365: Day 2 – sperich

For my second post, I went back to the long list of R packages and flipped through the pages with my eyes closed and picked out … sperich! I swear I will try to have a more formal way to pick a random package out next time. In fact, I might use tomorrow as a non-random day to look at what kind of sampling packages R has available.

sperich is a package designed to help estimate centers of species biodiversity and estimate species range based on occurrence. The package has been out since about 2012, but while I was running it I ran across a couple of functions that would not work without installing new packages. Normally these things are shipped in with the dependencies. One interesting function that was included as part of the example set was the function image(), which is in the {graphics} package, and creates a colored grid. They used the example function add.Edges() to illustrate how to draw boarders between two points on a grid.

While working through the examples for this package, I realized that most of the outputs from the examples were matrices, but I was (naively) hoping for something along the lines of a heat map. The matrices would be pretty easy to translate into a heat map, but I was kind of hoping they would do it for me (I’m lazy). I think this package would work well for its intended purpose (extrapolating edges of species boundaries), and it would be amazing if I knew a bit more about how to plot stuff out and make it look pretty.Tomorrow I think I will look over the {graphics} package a little more closely, learning how to properly graph things would be very useful.


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